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Get in front of customers with Google Ads


There are billions of Google searches every day. Accompanied by Google Search Ads, you can advertise your brand and services directly to your audience by selecting the keywords your customers are searching for. That way, your Search ads only show up to people with an intent to purchase. In Fact, understand your audience to place better ads online. Design your ads in minutes, set a budget, and start reaching more customers right away.

Google Ads (once known as Google AdWords) is a type of online advertising developed by Google. When you advertise with Google Ads, you can choose exactly which customer segment you want to target and reach them right when they’re searching for the products and services you offer. You should exactly decide how much you want to spend on your search ads, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. Google search ads are a proven way to build awareness and drive traffic to your website.

You can also read more about Google Adwords in the link below.


To enhance the performance of your ads, personalize them so that they’re applicable to your audience.

1.Choose the right people

Always remember! Advertising again and again to a disinterested audience won’t deliver a good outcome for your business. You’ll have more success if you custom your message to what users are seeking. Thankfully, online advertising platforms often come with accurate targeting tools and customer insights to help you choose the right type of ad to run.

Whenever you run ads just, put yourself in your consumers’ shoes. If you’re searching for a particular product, then you might be open to viewing an ad featuring that specific item, complete with pricing information. If you’re searching for reviews or general information about a product, then you might be more partial to a display or video ad that gives you more knowledge about the company that makes the said product.

2.Target people with the intentions to buy

When someone searches for a specific product or service online, there’s a good chance they are ready to make a purchase or they have intentions to buy. That’s your chance/opportunity to show an ad for your business that corresponds to their search engine.

Google Search ads can be extremely effective because they help you reach people at the point when they’re searching for your products or services. You may use Search Ads or can say targeted ads to serve ads to your consumers when they’re searching for keywords relevant to your business. Make sure your ads take potential customers to an easy-to-navigate landing page, where they can learn more about the product or service in your ad and make a purchase.

Pro Tip- 

Send the user to a custom landing page, rather than a homepage, so they don’t have to click around to find the content they are looking for.


Make the landing page reliable

1.Make your landing page load as quickly as possible.

Your page load time plays a big role in ensuring a good user experience. If a page takes too long to load, users will often get frustrated and leave the page, indicating to Google that your page isn’t the best option. Use PageSpeed Insights to determine whether your page is up to par.

2.Provide a consistent experience.

You should provide the same brand experience to all your customers, regardless of whether they’re browsing your website on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device. You should create a mobile-optimized landing page to use with your mobile ads, or design your site to be more responsive.

3.Keep your landing page consistent with your brand.

Users expect an impeccable experience. If your landing page isn’t consistent with your brand, consumers may question whether your business is legitimate?

4.Optimize any images used.

The number of images you use affects your page load time. Make sure that images on your landing page are relevant, and that they aren’t too large.

3.Build awareness for your online business. 

When online visitors aren’t searching for a product or service, winning their attention requires a whole different approach. Advertisers will need to find people who are more responsive to their ads based on interest in or affinity with their product or service.

You know, Google has a network of partner websites called the Google Display Network, we discussed this in our previous blog. Here you can show text or image-based ads and target them based on audience demographics, the content of a website, or the interests, geography, someone has shown by their past browsing behavior or device used. Even you can target people who have previously visited your website. It’s very important to experiment with different audiences/ customers and ad types using these advanced targeting options to see what is most effective.


What is PPC?

PPC refers to basically, No click, no cost. Moreover, Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model. It’s a form of paid digital marketing where advertisers bid on keywords and pay for each click on their ads. Every time someone searches on Google, Google chooses a set of Google Ads advertisers to win the bidding auction. The winners get to appear in the precious ad space on Google’s search results page. You don’t pay if no one interacts with your ad.

Choose by geographic location

Get your ads in front of a potential audience who are near your shop by geo-targeting your search ads. Target your ads to appear in specific geographic locations such as countries, places of interest, a radius around a location, or your business locations.

Location targeting tips for international PPC ads

No matter what, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the country you are targeting and it’s surrounding or associated countries. As your targeting strategy will also depend on what you are looking to achieve with your international PPC campaigns.

  1. Research the location
  2. Target large cities
  3. Aim for localized traffic


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